NTAW Sticks With Dunlop

The National Tyre and Wheel Group (including Exclusive Tyre Distributors, Tyres4U and Dynamic Wheel Co) announced on 20th September that the company has signed 5 year agreements for the wholesale distribution of Dunlop passenger and commercial tyres in Australia and New Zealand.

The transition to NTAW will occur firstly in NZ with Exclusive Tyre Distributors commencing deliveries to customers from 1st November. The Australian transition will follow, with customer deliveries by NTAW Group companies scheduled to commence at the beginning of April 2024.

NTAW plans to sell Dunlop tyres through its existing wholesale distribution businesses with procurement, warehousing, logistics and sales for the brand being entirely complementary to the company’s existing operations.

NTAW’s vison is “Going Further To Help Their businesses And Customers Win” and as CEO Peter Ludemann said, “We believe in building leading tyre and wheel brands and we are very excited to add Dunlop tyres to our stable”.


Dunlop History

John Boyd Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre in 1888 after he noticed his son’s discomfort while riding a tricycle fitted with solid rubber tyres over cobbled ground. Dunlop wrapped the tricycle wheels in thin rubber sheets, glued them together and inflated them with a football pump. And so it was 135 years ago that the world’s first commercially viable pneumatic tyre was created by Dunlop who lent his name to the brand.

From there Dunlop’s growth from pioneer to successful multinational brand was swift, with factories owned by separate businesses soon opened in many parts of the world. The Australian owned Dunlop Rubber Tyre Company was one of the first, opening a factory in Melbourne in 1893. That Company operated for over 100 years, changing its name to Pacific Dunlop, one of the 20 largest companies in Australia and continuing to manufacture here until 2006. .

Today the Dunlop brand remains at the cutting edge of tyre development technology supported by Goodyear and Sumitomo factories and technical teams the world over. Dunlop is internationally synonymous with motorsport and is currently in its 23rd successive season supplying the Australian and New Zealand Supercars Championship Series. The technical leadership of Dunlop is evident from the fact that Dunlop tyres are fitted as original equipment on many high performance vehicle marques and other leading car brands throughout the world.